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Syrian People Grateful To Trump For Fighting Assad And His Regime


President Trump has been virtually unstoppable fighting against Assad and his regime.  Unbelievable!

And what is even more amazing Is the reaction of the Syrian people after the president bombed Homs Airfield.

The big news is – Syrians across the world LOVE Donald Trump!

Social media is full of Pro-Trump accounts from Syria, celebrating and praising him for hitting ISIS and Assad, something that was impossible during the Obama period.

Many of the Syrians even put president Trump on their profile pictures to honor his victory.

However, the overwhelming support was not all our President got.

Many major Syrian anti-Assad groups shared their approval of Trump as well!

Once again President Trump did the unthinkable, he managed to win over the hearts and minds of the Syrian people.

But trump does not stop there. He has announced safe zones and refugee centers inside Syria’s borders to help them without moving them away from home and resettling them across the world.

All this deserves a special prayer for the Syrian people and for President Trump. Something like this would be perfect,

“God, Thank you for blessing us with such an incredible and good-hearted leader. Please keep him and the civilians in Syria safe as he works to make America even better!”

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