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U.S. Debt Was $19,947,304,555,212 On Jan. 20th – Find Out How Trump’s Presidency Has Been Affecting The Debt


The monetary burden that built up over the last 8-years with Obama is now amazingly reduced by President Donald Trump. He is turning out to be a true miracle worker.

On the beginning of Trump’s presidency, America’s debt was around $19,947 billion. The debt reduced to $19,935 only 30 days later. The US debt is now at $12 million and 0.1% in the first month of Trump being in office.

Liberals are trying to make it look like Trump is the bad guy, but this proves that Obama and someone else worked together to get the budget to here.

Fact is: On January 20, 2017, the US debt was $19.947 billion. On February 21, 2017, the US debt was $19,935 billion.

In Barack’s first month of office, he managed to increase the debt by $200 billion. It looks like he doesn’t understand money or priorities as good as Trump does.

Obama signed the trillion-dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill that everyone was against. But, the  ‘Stimulus bill didn’t show any effect until the time when Barack Obama’s deficit was around $1.4 trillion.

Obama will be remembered as the President who brought the highest deficits and the biggest largest debt America has ever seen.


Thank god President Trump is here to make this all right. The man knows money and budgets and we trust that he will reduce the US debt as much as possible.


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