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Melania Stunned Everyone During The G20 Summit!


Melania was truly remarkable at the G20 summit. All eyes were on her and for a reason! She looked flawless!

Shortly after Putin had a two-hour meeting with President Donald Trump, he also met with the First lady.

Melania looked gorgeous next to the Russian President as they both greeted each other with a warm smile.

She rocked her white shining, knee-length dress,which caught everyone’s attention.

She then continued meeting with the French first lady Brigette Macron before she posed in a photo with all the political leaders and their spouses.

Right before that, President Trump and President Putin had a two-hour meeting after which it was reported that U.S. and Russia had reached an agreement on a cease fire in Syria.

Given the fact that Russia supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it is possible that this meeting will result in a progress with the current situation in Syria. After the meeting, Trump stated that it was ‘an honor’ to meet Putin.

Our First lady had a truly tiring day given the fact that she was  trapped inside her hotel by violent rioters prior going to the summit.

Our First lady was shining in her dove white frilled shoulder-cut dress, while President Trump was sporting a striped navy blue and white tie with his suit.

Seems like the rioters  didn’t manage to bring down Melania, as she was radiant during the whole summit.


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